The Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

How do you know for sure when it makes sense to hire a professional interior designer or decorator? 


Read the following questions to see if any of them resonate with you:

  1. Do you have good taste but lack the “know-how” to put it all together?
  2. When you look at the vast array of home furnishing options, is the multitude of choices too overwhelming?
  3. Are you renovating your house – and want to make sure the architectural drawings lend themselves to a well-designed interior that maximizes the space for comfortable living?
  4. Have you ever purchased (or inherited) some furniture that doesn’t seem to “fit” anywhere in your house?
  5. Have you ever found the perfect item for your home only to find that it is available “To The Trade Only”?
  6. Have you been in the process of decorating your house since you moved in – over five years ago?
  7. Did you choose to paint your walls white or beige because those colors are “safe”?
  8. Have you been inspired by a picture in a magazine, but you don’t know how to go about replicating the “look” in your own home”?
  9. Are you disappointed with the results of doing it yourself?
  10. Are you simply unable to find the time to investigate, evaluate, and coordinate all available options to find the optimal choices for your room or home?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you may want to consider a consultation with a professional interior designer.


You’ll find that working with a professional interior designer is the surest way to make your dream for your home into a reality.


An interior designer will develop a plan that streamlines the design process and takes into consideration all aspects of the space. Only a professional designer will keep your project on-track and on-budget. An interior designer can help you clarify your ideas, assess what you need and choose furnishings and finishes that exemplify your taste and lifestyle. A professional designer will coordinate the process from beginning to end and assure that the result is successful.

If working with a professional interior designer sounds too expensive, you may be surprised to find that hiring a professional designer can save you money! Designers have access to resources and qualify for discounts that regular consumers don’t. Often the price you’ll pay for merchandise from your designer is less than the retail price! And if you’ve ever purchased something for your home that you fell in love with at the store – only to have the romance end when you got it home – you know a designer can save you money by avoiding mistakes.

When you’re ready for your home to be all you dream it can be, contact Barbara Feinstein of B Fein Interiors. She will help you love the home you’re in!