If your house is not your home, it’s not doing it right.

Do you want a place to call home for you and your family?
A place where memories are made?

Let me help you create that place, so you always feel comfortable in and proud of your home.

  • Interior Design of Large Projects
  • Interior Re-Design & Development
  • Interior Design Project Management

Whether you’re planning a move into a new home, or feel that your existing home is “just not working,” B Fein will provide expert interior design guidance that transforms individual rooms into an elegant, comfortable, and cohesive home.

Evaluate new or existing architectural details

Source rugs, lighting, furniture, and window treatments

Oversee the fabrication, delivery and installation of all project elements

Your interior design project isn’t about choosing the right shade of gray paint and selecting a few items from the pages of a home furnishings catalogue.

There are many interdependent variables to be considered and managed every time an interior design purchase or interior design decision is made.

Let me be your design guide so you can lean back and relax while you watch your home unfold.

  • Visualize a specific goal for the project
  • Develop a step-by-step design plan
  • Oversee the project to completion